Franck Chavy is a very innovative and quality-orientated grape-grower and winemaker in the Cru-area of the Beaujolais.He is an excellent example of combining the best wine-making techniques of both the Burgundy and the Beaujolais. Always looking for improvements in the quality of his wines, I have witnessed him waiting for an extra three days during harvest time, where nearly all the other producers had started their harvest. He took this risk, with often rain in this period, to get a better ripeness in his grapes and it paid off: another Coup de Coeur in the Guide Hachette.

Franck’s top wines, from Morgon ,Brouilly and Regnie, are more intellectual versions of Beaujolais Crus. They need some time to develop their beautiful deep aromas and flavours.

The lovely experience of drinking his Morgon Les Granites Roses, twenty years old has shown me how well his wines are made: at that stage they become deliciously velvety Burgundy-like! In short: Franck Chavy is a wine-maker I can recommend without any hesitation!

Robbert Jan Piet, DuurzaamBourgondisch, wine-importer and –seller of artisanal wines in the Netherlands. 12th March 2016